(Note: What’s online will be more up-to-date.)

Matthew Schulkind, Laura Kate Hennis, and David C. Rubin. Music, emotion, and autobiographical memory: They’re playing your song.” Memory & Cognition 1999, 27 (6), 948-955.

Terrell Mclean’s presentation on David Wojnarowicz and auttobiogrpahical photography.

Amanda Long’s presentation. on autobiographical fragments, Theresa Ha Kyung Cha, and Diana Koi Nguyen.

Sample “Ballroom Diagrams”

Mark Gaipa, “Breaking Into the Coversation: How Students: How Students Can Acquire Authority for Their Writing”

Peter Elbow, The Doubting Game and the Believing Game— An Analysis of the Intellectual Enterprise” (from Writing Without Teachers)

Cheyanne Traill’s presentation on Autobiography in the Classroom (slides)

Chrisa Georgakis’s presentation on journaling.

Julia Kristeva, “Powers of Horror”


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