Tuesday, August 31

Clips: Trevor NoahAidy BryantTroye SivanAnita Hill

Tuesday, September 7

No classes

Tuesday, September 14

Hanif Abdurraqib, Go Ahead in the Rain (2020)

Bloggers: Chrisa, Amanda

Tuesday, September 21

Ann Powers, “This Song Is About You”

Paul John Eakin, “Talking about Ourselves: The Rules of the Game”

Philippe Lejeune, “The Autobiographical Pact” [Note: You are only required to read pp. 1-4 & 21-24]

In-Class: Workshop on the Ethics of Autobiographical Songs assignment

Tuesday, September 28

Michelle Zauner, Crying in H Mart (2021)

Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson, “A Toolkit: Twenty-Four Strategies for Reading Life Narrative”

Ethics of Autobiographical Songs assignment due (on the blog)

Bloggers: Rebekah, Terrell, Richard

Presentation: Terrell

Tuesday, October 5 (likely on campus)

James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time (1963)

Raoul Peck (Director), I Am Not Your Negro (2016). Watch before class. Use link for access through Kanopy via the Rosenthal Library or view on Netflix.

Bloggers: Naurin, Salin, Cheyanne

Presentation: Amanda

Tuesday, October 12 (likely on campus)

Phillip Gourevitch & Nicholas Christopher, “The Ethics of Memoir Writing”
Maia, “Whose Story?: The Ethics of Writing Memoir”
Edmund White, “Collatoral Damage: How I Lost a Friend and Ex-Lover by Writing about Him”
Mary Karr, “The Liars Club: How I Told My Friends I Was Writing about Them and What They Said in Return”
Amanda Yates Garcia, “In Order to Write, I Had to Break a Family Curse”
Jason Tougaw, “Memory and Memoir”
Mark Gaipa,“8 Strategies for Critically Engaging Sources”+ ballroom diagrams: LayReid, and Chiacchieri
Ariel Francisco and Jason Tougaw, “Writing about Other People” (video)

Bloggers: Chrisa, Amanda

Presentation: Cheyanne

Tuesday, October 19

Joe Brainard, I Remember

Bloggers: Rebekah, Terrell, Richard

Presentation: Chrisa

Tuesday, October 26

Ariel Francisco, A Sinking Ship Is Still a Ship (2020)

Frank O’Hara, Selected Lunch Poems (1964)
Frank O’Hara, “Walking to Work”

Podcast: My interview with Francisco on QC POD

Bloggers: Cheyanne

Tuesday, November 2

Hassan Minhaj, Homecoming King (Netflix)

Tig, starring Tig Notaro, dir. Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York (Netflix)

Excerpt from John Limon, “Stand-Up Comedy or, Abjection in America”

Bloggers: Chrisa, Amanda

Tuesday, November 9

Ellen Forney, Marbles (2012)

Scott McCloud, “Show and Tell” (from Understanding Comics)

Bloggers: Terrell, Richard

Presentation: Rebekah

Tuesday, November 16

Memoir Mixtapes: Lauren Groff, “Fates and Furies”; R.O. Kwon, “The Incendiaries”; Roxanne Gay, “Ayiti”; Haroon Moghul, “How to Be a Muslim”; Jason Tougaw, “The One You Get”; Nick Gabriel, “My Maxell Mixtape,” Timothy So, “EMS Mixtape”; Jackie Huertas, “Your Chicanx Playlist”; Mackenzie Tozan, “Songs in the Mirror”

Tuesday, November 23

Eve Babitz, Slow Days, Fast Company (1974)

Bloggers: Rebekah, Cheyanne

Presentation: Richard

Tuesday, November 30

From Lit Hub:

Zan Romanoff, Meet the Writer Who Chased Eve Babitz All Over Hollywood

Eve Babitz, Eve Babitz on the Time She Played Chess Nude with Marcel Duchamp

Big Table, “Lili Anolik on Eve Babitz, LA, and the Myth of Objectivity in Biography” (podcast)

Hanif Abdurraqib (with Jordan Kisner), “Hanif Abdurraqib on Decentering Pain in the Stories of Black Lives” (podcast)

Daisy Hernández, “At the Intersection of Journalism and Memoir: A Reading List”

Sunday, December 5

Drafts of projects due, via email (to me and the whole group); include a note articulating your goals for the project, the audience you imagine for it, how close to finished it is, and any questions you have for the group).

Tuesday, December 7

Workshop: Semester Projects

Tuesday, December 14

Workshop: Semester Projects

Tuesday, December 21

Semester Projects due

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